Summers in Southern California are incredibly beautiful and fresh. We are a lucky bunch in San Diego, as we have the powerful ocean to catch some waves and cool off during the Summer days.

Many people talk about getting “Summer ready,” which in hindsight is slightly important. However, getting your house “Summer ready” should also be at the top of your list. BBQ cookouts, family and friendly gatherings are all part of a fun and vibrant San Diego Summer day. If you have kids, that means you need to find more ways to keep them entertained and out of trouble.

In order to prepare for such lively summer parties and fun playdates, follow these tips!




Changing throw pillows on couches, is an instant and cheap way to refresh your home for the Summer months. Choose light, pastel colors, pack away blankets and throws and place accessories that remind you of beach vacations, like shells, driftwood and vacation photographs around your home.

It is also important to take care of your outdoor furniture. If the color has washed away from the throw pillows, replace them with ones that have vibrant colors to add a splash of fun.


Decorate with Nature


Fill your home with greenery and let the outside in by decorating with plants and herbs in your home. If you keep fresh, growing herbs in the kitchen, they not only look great, they are also handy in creating fresh delicious summer meals.

If you like to play barkeep, then plant some lavender and lemon trees in your backyard. Lavender adds a wonderful fragrance to your backyard, and you can also utilize it to make a lavender simple syrup (1 cup of water, 2 cups of sugar, and 3 Tbsp lavender flowers). With the lemon trees, you will also add another lovely citrusy aroma to your backyard, and have year-round lemons.


Be Our Guest


Summer entertaining often means there will be friends and relatives wishing to stay for a visit, so take the time to freshen up guest bedrooms and bathrooms, put a vase of fresh flowers out, and invest in some summery floral soaps and candles in the bathroom.


Refresh & Repair


There are all sorts of things around the home and yard that need to be checked, cleaned and possibly repaired before use. Screen doors will need to be in working order and may need the mesh replaced, to keep pesky bugs at bay. If you have a pool, you’ll want to check PH and chlorine levels and have the pool and all accessories and surroundings professionally cleaned. You should also have all ceiling fans and air conditioning units serviced to ensure they are in perfect working order, before you really need them.


Let’s Party!


After following these tips, you will have created a light, colorful and summery home, both inside and out. Now that you have the perfect venue it’s time to throw the ultimate garden party or weekend bbq as Style At Home suggests! Invite all your friends and family and celebrate those short few months by creating some summer memories to last a lifetime!

With the lavender plants and lemon trees you planted, you can make a variety of yummy libations for your older guests, and for the young ones you can whip up a refreshing lavender infused lemonade!


What are your thoughts? How do you get your Home “Summer ready”?